The Crazy Dream!!

Last night, I had a surreal dream. I’m not sure if it was the leftover pizza I ate or the stress in my life, but I wanted to share it and see if anyone can offer insights or translate its meaning. Here’s how it unfolded:

It was either a Friday or Saturday night, and I was preparing for a night of fun. As I stepped out of my building, I found myself strolling through the park. To my surprise, the clouds above were swiftly moving in various colors, and the air was eerily calm, a rare occurrence. Making my way to Randolph and walking towards the loop, the surroundings transformed into something reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting.

To my left, the buildings were swaying, some even engulfed in flames. Suddenly, structures started descending from the sky, crashing into the river. One after another, the buildings disappeared, leaving me in the midst of a landfill of debris. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed twisters forming, cleaning up the scrap in a matter of seconds. I found myself in a place that resembled Chicago, but it was pristine, free of pollution.

As I glanced around, I felt a gentle breeze against my back. Turning towards the lake, I saw a stunning woman walking towards me, her face obscured, but her silhouette revealed a captivating figure. The sun beamed behind her as she approached. I extended my hand, but before our hands could meet, I woke up, unable to catch a glimpse of her face.